Lilawadee re-opens at May 11th !

Dear Customer,

After having been closed for almost 2 months due to the corona virus, I will re-open my practice on May 11th. I would like to thank you for all the support during the past months!

The Massage professional association has, together with the government, drawn up a protocol according to the guidelines of the RIVM. All masseurs will have to work accordingly.

The points from the protocol, which apply to my massage practice, can be found via this link.

I would like to ask you to complete this health checklist prior to you visit.

I hope to welcome you soon in my practice!

Massage therapist Natascha le-Clercq

Lilawadee is the Thai word for a lovely smelling flower that grows everywhere in Asia and it is believed that it protects against demons. Therefore these beautiful flowers are often used in spas and grow near temples.


During one of her travels through South East Asia in Chiang Mai (Thailand) Natascha le-Clercq came across the traditional Thai yoga massage. It felt so good and beneficial to receive such a massage that she decided to follow a course. During the course she found out that giving such a massage really provided her with a lot of satisfaction. Convinced of the possibilities this type of massage offers, she decided to follow more levels of the education in Chiang Mai. In Thailand she also followed courses in other types of (relaxation) massages such as Thai aroma oil massage, Thai herbal stamp massage (herbal compress) and hot stone massage.

  natascha voert thai yoga massage uit Lilawadee Massage & Communicatie


When she got back to the Netherlands she wanted more insight into the anatomy and physiology of the human body and she followed and completed an education in sport massage and sport care. Therefore Natascha is a certified sport masseur. A totally different discipline from the Thai massages but a very good addition to it, when people have specific questions on sensitivity or injury after sport activities or (hard) labour.


Over the years she has continued to develop herself by following advanced courses in the different types of massages she already provides. She prefers to be as near to the source as possible, so for Thai massages she tries to do this in Thailand. She also learned about new types of massage such as the Thai foot reflexology massage.

Natascha provides a relaxing or complaint directed healing massage with full attention, dedication and with lots of pleasure.

knop espo kwaliteitsregister Lilawadee is certified sports masseur.

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